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Our Process

We execute a comprehensive and systematic process to help define your retirement investment goals. Our process includes these essential steps:

Our R.E.A.D.Y. Process

An initial, informal, consultation to build a personal rapport with you and explore how we might best help with your retirement financial options and goals.

A second formal meeting where we will team together for a comprehensive retirement financial review that will provide an analysis of your current financial and retirement position. We will also thoroughly explore with you your retirement benefit.

Following the second meeting, we carefully design a financial/ investment outline plan for you. This plan is personally tailored to your requirements and retirement benefit options. A presentation of the outline plan to you for your comments and approval.

Develop a full, formal written plan to you incorporating any changes or amendments following our second meeting. Then implementation and management of the full final plan on your behalf.

Constant communication with you and an annual financial review meeting.